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  • Welcome To The Launch Of Slimspirational!!

    By mainadmin |

    Welcome to the launch of Slimspirational!!

    Your blog dedicated to healthy weight loss, founded by me Hayley Peck who has lost over half of my body weight naturally in 12 month.

    I have created this site for you bringing all the tools, information and Slimspiration for you to start your journey and lose weight forever.

    On here you will find
        •    Tailored Personal Plans based on how I lost my weight
        •    Popular diets and my personal review of them, so you can make the choice
        •    Great Tips and Practical Advice
        •    Alternatives to beat the sweet tooth
        •    Question and Answer sessions
        •    The Group Forum
        •    Weekly personal and weight related blogs
        •    Success Stories and Gallery
        •    Exercise routines for Home and Gym
        •    Me for continued support and that little push.
        •    There is no monetary subscription
        •    Also don’t forget to sign up to the Newsletter, bringing exclusive tips, showcasing the success stories and what’s coming up.

    I will also be bringing great recipes weekly along with exercise of the week posts. Have a look at my Blog page, I will be documenting how I get on now and how I train and eat!

    Please feel free to look around and take in all that’s helpful and if you can contribute that would be great too we have a success story page and love to hear your tips and advice so get your ideas ready and you can share them with others going down this exciting path.

    What could a bit of Slimspiration do for you?

    I look forward to working with you all

    Hayley x



    1. Jan

      Need help to loose weight, but feel like lots of health obstacles in the way. Will be interested to see if your plan works for me??

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