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  • Slimspirational – Our Story

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    Our Story

    Slimspirational was founded in 2012, by Hayley who lost an astonishing 11 stones in weight naturally in 12 months, since our launch we have been helping thousands of people across the world by inspiring them into shape and leading them away from the fads, myths and miracle pills. We only offer individual and tailored solutions for your goals, we have one main ethos and that is- no one size fits all in weightloss! We are all individual and that is exactly how all of our clients are treated worldwide.

    Take a moment to read hayleys Story, go from being inspired to inspiring, start today.

    11 Stones lighter in 12 Months

    My Journey Began on 11th July 2007 following the birth of my beautiful daughter, at the time I weighed in at just over 20 Stones and looking back now I don’t regret anything as it has made me who I am today.

    I remember looking down and imagining my body would simply deflate and go back to 14 stones, the weight I was before conception, and when that obviously didn’t happen I knew instantly it was time to change and that’s exactly what I set out to do.

    For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight. I have always loved my food but most of all snacking in-between meals on sweets chocolate and most of all crisps have always been my downfall. My parents used to try and control what I ate as they could obviously see the impact it could have on my later life and of course at the time I couldn’t see it and never considered that one day I would be so depressed with my appearance.

    There were times were I would go to the shop and sneak into the cupboards to find what I could to get rid of the cravings I had, always having the urge to splurge I wouldn’t stop, having no self control.

    Throughout School I was always known as the token fat kid and was often called Hayley the hippo but this never bothered me I just got used to it, that’s who I was and I thought I couldn’t change so I grew a thick skin but deep down it hurt all the same. As I started getting older and was approaching high school it started to bother me more and more and as my body grew bigger in every direction I just felt I had gone too far and would never be able to change my body- it was too late so I carried on and on, increasing what I ate without satisfying my hunger.
    The time came when it was a struggle to get uniform to fit me and I always remember dreading P.E lessons knowing I had to get changed in front of people knowing the stares, glances whispering and prodding was coming. As time went on it began to affect the way I was the clothes I wore and the confidence I once had regardless of my appearance.

    I often found myself looking at other people around me and feeling really out of place. When I reached the age of 15 I started my relationship with my long term partner and of course as couples do we began to eat out have takeaways and generally comfort eat and before I knew it I ballooned to the biggest I had ever been, I was so self conscious I thought everyone was looking at me wherever I went at this point I was a size 18 and so desperately unhappy.


    Making the decision to join the Gym I felt it would inspire me to control my weight and making myself feel that bit better, with that I began trying all sorts of different Diets and plans. The gym became part of my routine and I really enjoyed it. I managed to lose around 2 stone which made me feel a lot more confident as I dropped to a size 14 even though I still knew I had a long way to go and was still around 14st, which was the lightest I had been for a long time.

    It wasn’t long after that I discovered I was pregnant! In the back of my mind the realisation that the weight I lost would be put back on- but it would be baby weight and would be off again in 9 Months it never once crossed my mind how much my body was going to change. I found myself eating lot more then I usually did and looking back it was out of greed because I thought eating what wanted would make little difference and my body would just spring back into shape. Seeing so many new mums looking great an expected the same would be for me.

    My 24 week check up arrived with the midwife , standing on the scales and I realised I was 17st! My Stomach dropped- I was back to square one but was determined to enjoy what time I had left of eating what I wanted and being pregnant , Knowing the moment I had my daughter I was going to be thin, or so I thought….

    So from that day on I carried on eating takeaways crisp sweets chocolate and by the end of my pregnancy was massively overweight. The day came when I had my daughter and as soon as I could I weighed myself for what would be the last time as I started my new journey… the scales topped 19.7 Stone meaning pre birth weight of 21 Stone! My heart broke but now I knew what I had to do.


    Being a new mum I hardly ever had time to train so began thinking of my own diet as the diets I had tried before really didn’t work for me or was a short term solution with the weight yo-yoing.

    Six weeks after having my daughter I got the courage to join the gym again and this time I was determined to get the body I have always wished for but never felt it was achievable, this truly was the turning point in my life I was ready to change and my mindset supported my vision- wanting to be an active Mum and not be afraid of being pointed at or feel people was whispering and looking at me all the time enough was enough and I came to the conclusion if I want it I will have it.

    My way of life changed and I decided I wasn’t on a diet I began to see it as my way of life, something I think is very important as you begin your journey. It soon occurred to me that just the word Diet made me feel restricted, “I can’t do this, I’m on a Diet” I came up with my own plans which focused on Carbohydrate control not calorie control. And coming up with simple alternatives I soon found I was making a big difference.

    Losing weight month after month until I hit 14 stones again, but by then I had perfected my own lifestyle plans and 12 months on I had lost 11 stones…………..Half of my body weight using my own regime …I am currently 9st 4 and couldn’t be happier!

    Why have I created this site?

    My weight loss has inspired me to inspire others my vision of helping others has become my passion.

    Throughout my journey I had nobody to draw inspiration from who had lost weight like this naturally and I soon realised I wanted to dedicate my time to helping others because I know what it’s like to hit the “Wall” be so depressed that I didn’t want to go out and just not know where to start, I knew when the time was right I would reach out how I could.

    Throughout my journey I had nobody to draw inspiration from who had lost weight like this naturally and I soon realised I wanted to dedicate my time to helping others because I know what it’s like to hit the “Wall” be so depressed that I didn’t want to go out and just not know where to start, I knew when the time was right I would reach out how I could.

    One of the most incredible feelings is seeing old School friends who walk past me in the street and when I say “Hello” they don’t recognise me, it’s an amassing feeling and one I want to help you achieve.

    One of the most incredible feelings is seeing old School friends and colleagues who walk past me in the street and when I say “Hello” they don’t recognise me, it’s an amassing feeling and one I want to help you achieve.
    I want to hear your stories and reasons and most of all I want to be here for you, as the cliché says if I can do it so can you,There has been no surgery to aid weight loss It has been achieved the natural way and have learnt a lot and kept my weight off to date.

    You can find out what Slimspirational can offer you in the our services page, as always if you have any questions, contact us and we will be right with you.

    Thank You for reading my story


    1. Roxy Harrison

      Congratulations Hayley, on achieving your goal. What an inspiration. I look forward to hearing more about it. xxx

    2. lose weight naturally and fast

      Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Many thanks for supplying these

    3. Kate Thomas

      Congratulations Hayley on achieving your goal. You look absolutely amazing. I had a tear in my eye reading your story. Well done :) ) xx

    4. Cheryl Bainbridge

      Well done on your achievement. You have done so well. My little girl is now 6 months old and I am desperate to get my weight off. I think I may use your site and get a personal plan to get me going. :-)

    5. hypoglycemia diet kit

      Thanks for posting this . I’ve been looking for this info . Good info I will check back for any info related to Hypoglycemia Diet.

    6. The Secret Ebook.

      I am extremely impressed with your writing abilities as well as with the layout to your blog. Is that this a paid topic or did you modify it yourself? Either way keep up the excellent high quality writing, it’s uncommon to look a great blog like this one today..

    7. what do i do to lose weight fast

      This really informative, you have given us lot of insight.

    8. Heather

      Amazingly inspirational woman!!!

    9. Lucy

      I am struggiling right now with my weight, i have always been curvy but i am the biggest i have ever been & its suprising how unhappy it makes you but you still cant give up on the snacking etc. Congratulations on losing so much weight!

    10. Jessica Bell

      Hayley! i cant believe this, i never new about this website. so proud of you babe! miss you lots and cant wait to see you over christmas when im home. love you xx

    11. Mary Timmons

      Top of the Class. So inspirational. What a lucky child to have parents like you two. Mary

    12. jodie thomas

      Haley you are nothing short of inspirational, thank you.

    13. Anna Coburn

      wow Hayley, you look sensationl. so proud of you.

    14. Marg

      I used to be a weightloss consultant. Congratulations Hayley. You are amazing. I know how much work you put into achieving your fantastic body. Well done!!

    15. Adrienne

      Congradulations! I myself am struggling to lose weight i have started to go to the gym but i find it so hard to diet. Seeing your huge change really makes you stop and think about how it is possible to change. x

    16. MJ

      Well done Hayley!!! You are truly an inspiration to us all. You look amazing. Don’t know you but I am so proud of you : )

    17. Eileen

      Hi Hayley, what a great effort you have accomplished i wish i had the willpower and knowledge that you have, i really struggle with my weight and would love some ideas on what food and exercise you did. Also what sort of food that gives you a kick start i would love to loose around 3 stone if i could Cheers Eileen

    18. sara

      Fantastic!! I struggle with my weight, and you have inspired me that today is the day for change. Thank you, and good luck with your business. Well done!! Xx

    19. Joann

      Hi Hayley
      Thank you for your inspirational story. I have struggled for the last 6 years with my weight, the only diet that has made me loss a lot of weight iz that of lighterlifr which has worked for me for several years but slowly getting back on . mainly i can not afford to pay the price of lighterlife and also i dont want to keep relying on liquid diets i just want yo be back to a size 12/14 getting a little depressed as i am size 16+ i would like to have a healthier lifesyyle not just by looking good but feeling good. Please can you inspire me .

    20. Sarah

      This is truly inspirtional. Finally a weight loss plan that is safe and effective. I will definately be taking tips from you. Thank You :)

    21. Polly

      Well done Haley,a normal person giving advise to people you want to believe,there is someone out there who understands.

    22. sammi

      I am very Inspired by you and would like your help.

    23. Peter

      Great Guys , you are inspiring people to go better

    24. Lynsie

      I am so happy for you Hayley you look amazing. Four years ago I lost 50kg, but now 2 years later I have put it all back on. I was just so disillusioned with the excess skin that no amount of exercise seemed to shift. Any ideas?

    25. lesley

      you look fantastic, so glam. who would believe looking at the old you how much you have changed.

    26. Nancy Greece

      Congratulations!It must have been really hard. But now you look gorgeous!

    27. mary


    28. Mary

      Congratulations Hayley and thank you for sharing your story. I have lived a life similar to yours but have not had the determination it seems to take control of those cravings. You have inspired me to try yet again before this weight drags me under.
      Thank you again and congratulations…you are an inspiration.

    29. Lee

      Not only has Hayley been through a lot but loosing all the weight that she has and looking amazing for it she is so focused about it all and willing to help. Knowing her personally I will tell anyone that if they are looking for a way to loose weight using this and having Hayley’s continued support you will loose the weight and feel like she is always there giving you that helping hand.

      Well done Hayley and I’m so glad your doing so well after leaving your job to do what you love most.

      Leeby x

    30. Eleanor

      I can’t wait to start this new year with the exact goal in mind! congratulations – i can’t wait for my moment when an old chum from high school won’t recognise me!

    31. Kat

      WOW! You look amazing and your story is so inspiring, thank you for sharing :)

    32. Envious but inspired!

      Wow! An amazing achievement Hayley and you look fantastic. I’ll be reading this blog often for tips and inspiration. Hoping to lose 3 stone in order to conceive, so a brilliant incentive.

    33. Keely Cowell

      Hayley you have done amazing. I miss you and Sienna!! Hope your both ok, you look fantastic, all those times at the gym, and those caeser salads at scoops!! haha.. Lots of love x x x

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